There are lots of dads in Cleveland and Rutherford Counties, and here at Ohmstead Plumbing we know that the dad in your life deserves the best this Father’s Day month, and all year long. But, what to get for the dad who has everything? Socks are nice, and ties are fine, but are these accoutrements enough for the guy who reads bedtime stories, takes the trash out without being asked (most of the time), and loosens those difficult lids on the jar of pickles? We think not. While a tie is fetching, in the spirit of Father Knows Best practicality, why not help dad take his “To-Do” list closer to “Done”? We think a prompt, affordable, sewer line repair/replacement service from Ohmstead Plumbing would rival any pair of argyle socks. In fact, anything that brings peace of mind to help you and your family enjoy the North Carolina Summer in style is the perfect way to say, “Thanks, Dad!”

There’s nothing like a compromised sewer line to throw a wrench into a fun Summer gathering. Those lazy, hazy, days of Summer are sure to turn to crazy (not in a good way) when you’re barbecuing in a flooded or foul-smelling yard (kinda messes with that mesquite taste) and the cleanup from such a mishap, as well as pinpointing the source, can be time consuming and expensive. Ohmstead Plumbing brings an experienced team that understands the common causes of a damaged sewer line, and we’ll be there to fix the problem before a sewer pipe breaks, and the whole event expands into a more costly affair.

Or, perhaps the outside of your home feels copacetic but you suspect a drain line leak (or break) inside your home. If you hear the sound of rushing water or see evidence of pooling water, or notice a decrease in water pressure, you might just chalk it up to the quirks and creaks of a normally functioning house. But, if you wait too long presuming such a premise, you may begin to smell mold, or even start to see it spreading on floors or walls. In any case, it’s absolutely best to contact our local plumbing service as soon as possible.

Dad will also be impressed that you went with the best. Ohmstead Plumbing has been serving the plumbing needs of Rutherford, Cleveland, and Polk Counties since 1973, and brings some serious “dad vibes” of our own, having been started by Chuck Ohmstead, dad to now owners Erik and Chad. We utilize the most current technologies for drain cleaning and sewer inspections, and we have every tool in the box to accommodate your plumbing needs. We specialize in all things plumbing, like drain cleaning and video inspection, water heaters, water treatment, and well pumps.  Our reputation for quality and great customer service proceeds us.

So treat dad to a visit from Ohmstead Plumbing this Father’s Day. We’ll make sure all of  the plumbed features in your home are performing at their best, so the only thing on anyone’s mind this Father’s Day, is showing appreciation for dad. Give us a call at (828)245-7302 or visit our website at: And let the barbecuing begin!

Reduce Dad’s To-Do List: Schedule an Ohmstead Plumbing Service this Father’s Day