For almost 50 years, Ohmstead Plumbing has been synonymous with high-quality Rutherford County plumbing services. From basic pipe refitting and drain unclogging to complex sewer line repair, we provide Rutherford County homes and businesses with the innovative solutions and professional attention they deserve. 

Signs You Need a Plumber

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

There are several reasons why your toilet won’t stop running. It could be something as simple as a loose toilet flapper or something more serious, such as a compromised toilet seal that’s causing the tank to continuously fill up.

No Hot Water

Ever stand around the shower waiting in vain for hot water? You could have an issue with your water heater. Unfortunately, this system is extraordinarily complex and potentially dangerous, which means fixing it is best left to experts in plumbing repair.

Minimal/No Flow from Tap

When you turn on your faucet and the only thing that comes out is a trickle, there are several possibilities–ranging from pipe blockage to a full-blown broken pipe. Regardless of what it may be, this could lead to more damage to your property. 

Gurgling Drains

If you flush your toilet and the bathroom drain starts to gurgle, you may have a severe blockage in your pipes. For example, a significant blockage deep in your drain pipes is trapping air, and the gurgling noise is from air bubbles formed as the water struggles to get free of the blockage. If ignored, this can lead to a water backup that can damage your home. 

Bad Smell

When you smell raw sewage anywhere in your home, you could have a broken sewage pipe. Call our local plumber as soon as possible, because this could be far more complex than you expect and a threat to your home and/or property. 

What Are Common Plumbing Problems in Rutherford County

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump failures can be related to a problem with the unit itself or an external issue. The causes of sump pump failures include stuck switches, improper pump installation, and an overwhelming amount of water, i.e. after heavy rain.

Water Heater Problems

Hot water is a necessity in any home, so it’s a big deal when a water heater can’t provide enough hot water. Water heater problems are caused by issues such as heating element failures, corrosion/sediment buildup, and loose/broken electrical connections.

Poor Water Pressure

Without adequate water pressure, any plumbing system is more or less useless. Low water pressure is usually a symptom of bigger plumbing problems, such as pipe corrosion, drain or sewer clogs, and cracked/blocked sewer lines.

Leaky Pipes

Problems such as incorrect pipe laying, pipe joint damage, and excessive water pressure can all result in leaky pipes. But no matter the cause, a prompt response is needed to avoid further damage to the plumbing system and the home/business itself.

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