For more than 30 years, homeowners and businesses throughout Cleveland County have trusted Ohmstead Plumbing for top-quality sewer and plumbing services. We bring a personal touch and state-of-the-art tools and technology to every job we do, from Lattimore and Polkville to Boiling Springs and King Mountain. 

Services We Offer

Commercial Plumbing–we’ll customize a solution for you based on the size of your location, the nature of the site, and the age of your plumbing or sewage system.

Industrial Plumbing–our approach is similar to a commercial project, except that industrial solutions typically require more heavy-duty involvement because we’re dealing with much larger water quantities and a more sophisticated plumbing system. 

Residential Plumbing–our well-trained residential plumbers are masters of myriad challenges, including toilet installation, leaking faucets, and low water pressure. 

Signs You Need a Professional Plumber in Cleveland County

Foul Smells

If a foul smell appears in your home seemingly from out of nowhere, it’s a good bet that you have a broken sewage pipe. If left unchecked, this can seriously damage your home in Double Shoals or Kingstown, as well as create an environmental issue. Make sure to call our local plumber as soon as you can to solve this problem.

Gurgling Drains

If the drains in your kitchen sink or bathroom shower start gurgling, a severe blockage in your pipes could be the cause. The blockage is trapping a significant amount of air, and the noise is air bubbles that escape as the waterworks hard to make its way out. Don’t let this linger too long because bad blockages can damage your home. Our nearby plumbers have the right equipment to fix this issue and get your drains humming again. 

Minimal/No Flow from the Trap

When you turn on your faucet in Earl or Casar and the only thing that comes out is a trickle, it’s a serious issue that could have several reasons behind it–ranging from a debris block to a full-blown broken pipe. Regardless of the exact cause, call our Cleveland County plumber promptly so we can diagnose and solve the problem.

What to Expect With Ohmstead

When you need to hire a professional plumber, you of course want to hire the best in the business. A company that not only knows what they’re doing but also treats every customer fairly and with respect. The Ohmstead team works hard to meet the high standards set by our customers. You’ll find that our friendly, on-time technicians always arrive at your home or business fully prepared and ready to get to work, understanding how valuable your time is. We’re fully credentialed and certified, and we provide transparent, affordable estimates for customers in King Mountain, Grover, and Fallston. If you reside in Cleveland County, we’re the plumber for you. 


Get in Touch

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