Biased as ever, we at Ohmstead Plumbing feel like a gift from our menu of services would really float dad’s boat (and maybe even help with his home To-Do list.) Something like a drain cleaning, sewer inspection, water heater service, water treatment, or well pump would get us pumped. Maybe that’s because we’re so passionate about what we do, and because Ohmstead was started by our dad, Chuck. That said, we also thought we’d get clever and wax a little poetic, plumber style. Here’s a list of gifts for dad that play on pipes (or the idea of them anyway.)

Piping Hot

Nothing like a nice hot piece of pie- fruit, pumpkin or pizza! Treat dad to a local delicacy of the piping hot variety. How about a pie from Pie Safe Baking Company? From apple to blueberry buttermilk to chocolate chess, there’s a flavor for everybody at this local treasure, located in an old three-story 1923 bank building in downtown Forest City.

Does dad lean in a more savory direction? Consider a pizza pie (and a pint) from Yellow Sun Pizza and Pints or Fly Boy Pizza in Rutherford!

What A Set Of Pipes!

 A euphemism we particularly enjoy around these parts, there are so many talented sets of pipes out there to enjoy, from your home speakers, or in concert! Thankfully, we live in one of the most musically dynamic regions in the country. Here are some golden pipes to experience live, or in the comfort of your well-plumbed house:

Take in a show at the outdoor amphitheater at Coppermine Farm in Rutherford, or Green River Eddy’s.

Looking to hear some crooners and ballad slingers at home? Get inspired here. And, here’s a crooner who smoked a pipe!

Pipe Art

 We think of what we do as a functional work of art, but there’s no reason that can’t be taken more literally. Check out these stylish plumbing posters.

However you plumb it, we hope you’ll make dad’s pipe dreams come true this Father’s Day! And remember, a visit from Ohmstead Plumbing is always a great idea. We’ll make sure all of the plumbed features in your home are performing at their best on Father’s Day, and everyday! Here’s to the dads! Use your pipes, and sing it to the rafters!


Pipes For Pops: