Sure, we’ve all said a prayer over a toilet that just wouldn’t flush (especially if it was at a party), but deep down we know, keeping your pipes flowing regularly requires routine maintenance and service from trained plumbers, like the awesome team at Ohmstead Plumbing. Even so, every March, we have luck on the mind. We look for four leaf clovers in every patch of lawn or meadow, and we can hardly count the times we’ve been late to a staff meeting after following a rainbow to its end (we always share the pot of gold, though.) We feel lucky to be Rutherford and Polk County’s choice for all of your indoor and outdoor plumbing needs. Call or visit us at (828)245-7302 to enhance your luck when it comes to your plumbing. In the meantime, here are three lucky symbols from around the world to incorporate into your life.

Acorns, England

Acorns were once associated as a show of friendship between witches passing one another in the woods (as witches sometimes do.) Trading acorns was meant as a way of introduction and to show benevolence. Many years later, in England, acorns are a good luck symbol, and said to protect health, ward off illness, aches, and pains, and speed recovery. While we couldn’t find any acorns in the ingredients of our Ben-gay or Tiger Balm, we did find this lovely herbal healing salve made on “Acorn Hill”, so that’s something. Here are some links to some adorable acorn charms on Etsy.

Rabbit’s Foot, Worldwide (Originating from the Celtics)

Celtic people believed that because rabbits lived in deep holes underground (go ask Alice) they were able to communicate with spirits from the underworld. In modern times, North Americans still consider rabbit’s feet to be lucky (though not nearly as lucky for the rabbit.) While there are a wide range of genuine, super soft, rabbit’s foot keychains on Etsy, here are some less rabbit-invasive ways to celebrate the auspiciousness of Thumper’s tootsies:

Scarab, Egypt

Such a beautiful beetle, depicted in countless adventure movies and intriguing graphic novels, the scarab beetle as good luck dates back to 2345 B.C. Scarab amulets were associated with the God of the Rising Sun, Khepri, and represented new creation and eternal life. The Egyptians felt the way the beetle rolled dung across the earth mirrored the sun’s journey across the sky. They were also inspired by the way it layed eggs in the body of carrion, creating life from dead matter. Okay, sure sure, sort of a “making lemonade/Phoenix rising from the ashes/lotus flower” kind of thing. We get it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about a few good luck symbols from other cultures. While we know Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”, it can’t hurt to have some extra charms in your corner. We’re charmed to be your choice for plumbing in Forest City, Cleveland, Rutherford, and Polk Counties.


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