From tankless and solar water heaters to conventional gas or electric water heaters, there are many to choose from. But conventional water heaters are still holding their place as the most popular among homeowners throughout the United States.

Choosing the Best Type of Water Heater

Water heaters are definitely in the top three when it comes to the most important plumbing systems that are needed in a home or in a business. Water heaters are designed to heat up cold water and store it until it is needed. For times when a resident needs to take a shower, do dishes, run a dishwasher, or do laundry.

Most people choose a water heater based on their budget as well as their needs and preferences as a home or business owner. Conventional storage water heaters are still the most popular when it comes to homes as well as businesses.

Conventional water heaters contain what is called a heating element and are powered by an energy source, such as fuel oil, natural gas, electricity, or propane. A conventional storage water heater can hold anywhere from 20 gallons of water to 100 or more gallons of water. The size of the water heater that a person needs for their home or business depends on how much use it will get.

For example, if a person lives alone and does not have a large bathtub to fill at once, they could get away with a smaller water heater of 20 to 40 gallons. While a family of seven or eight will need a much larger water heater for everyone in the household to bathe or take showers every day along with all the other things that hot water is needed for.

Many restaurant owners who have several dishwashers to run and need hot water while cooking food will have larger water heaters in place to take care of everything.

The hot water supply comes from the hot water that is stored in what is called a storage tank in the conventional water heater. Cold water flows into the bottom of the storage tank to refill the reservoir automatically so the system can maintain a steady supply of hot water.

Conventional water heaters are much cheaper to purchase than newer types such as tankless and solar water heaters, but can actually suffer heat loss and even increase your heating bill over time.

Water Heater Services and Installation

The professional water heater experts at Ohmstead Plumber Services have been repairing older water heaters and installing new ones since 1973. With extensive experience, knowledge, and dedication that are needed when it comes to providing you with top-quality water heater services.

When you have a water leak from your water heater, a line breaks and water fills your basement or crawl space, or your water heater is simply not working properly, the water heater service technicians at Ohmstead Plumbing Services can assist you with all of your service needs. Call today for an appointment.

Which Type of Water Heater is Most Popular?