plumber, plumbing, leak repair, toilet repairWe understand just how rewarding a good “DIY” job can be. You save money, you solve a problem, and you feel accomplished at the end of it. Unfortunately, here at Ohmstead Plumbing, we’ve seen more than a few DIY plumbing jobs go wrong. While you can possibly solve some minor plumbing problems, like a small clog, there are some jobs where you’ll want the help of a pro. Here’s why doing it yourself isn’t always a good plan.

You Could Cause Water Damage

We frequently hear about home repairs that don’t quite work out as intended, and one of the main culprits can be water damaged. Seemingly simple repairs can be more complex than you would think, and when dealing with pressurized water lines you don’t want to take any chances. Sometimes swapping out something like a water shutoff also requires other work to be done. If you’ve just looked up how to do it yourself, you might not realize what else is required of you. You replace that shutoff without replacing your supply lines, and you could end up with extensive water damage. Other DIY repairs might cause leaks or overflows. In some cases, it’s just going to be cheaper and easier to let a pro handle things.

Hot Water Problems Aren’t Easy to Fix

A lack of warm water can often mean that you need a new water heater. Maybe you’ve seen a YouTube video or two and get ambitious, thinking that you can just buy a new heater and install it yourself. We don’t recommend that method. Water heater installation is more complex than you might think. It involves both water and gas lines, meaning that a botched job could result in flooding or even burns to your skin. You might even end up messing with the warm water flow to certain areas of your home. This is the kind of job that requires one of our pros. We’ll find the conventional or tankless water heater that you need.

Your Work May Not Be Up to Code

Trying to tackle a big job like a shower installation involves getting into the walls, pipe rerouting, and so much more work that generally requires a permit. Do you want to go to the hassle of getting a permit? Probably not. Instead, just talk to a pro and know that the job is getting done right, whether you’re expanding your bathroom or replacing an old tub with a sleek new shower.

Pros Back Up Their Work

Professional plumbers use professional-grade equipment and products, and they always have the right tools for the job. That already helps put people at ease, but that’s not the only way that a plumber’s hard work differs from your DIY work. In many cases, a pro will back up their work with warranties. If a problem occurs, either with their work or with a part on that water heater they just installed, they’ll come right back in and fix it. You’re getting quality service from someone who knows what they’re doing, and they’re confident enough to say that they’ll come right back if you encounter another issue.

Your Water Heater Installation Experts in Forest City, NC

If you have a complex plumbing job on your hands, remember that you’re not on your own. Contact Ohmstead Plumbing if you need a shower installation or tankless water heater replacement done right. We look forward to assisting you!

DIY or Professional Plumber? When Not to DIY