Ohmstead Plumbing has some ideas…

May is Mother’s Day month, and at Ohmstead Plumbing, we think bathroom and kitchen makeovers are the new flowers and breakfast in bed (well, maybe in addition to…) Surprise the mom in your life with news that she can make her visions a reality with a fresh, new, bathroom or kitchen makeover! (And, if you think she’d appreciate a long-overdue repair being crossed off the to-do list, a sump pump installation, or a gas line installation to heat your pool for Summer, by all means be our guest!)

The bathroom is a sanctuary. And whether she’s a bath or shower person, or both, there’s nothing more relaxing than washing off the day in a basin that drains properly, where the water pressure is just right, and the temperature stays where you want it for the duration of the experience. A nice, deep tub in which to pour lavender salts, or a shower where eucalyptus-scented essential oils can clear the sinuses, last so much longer than that bouquet of flowers (but, again, also get the flowers.) Even changing out faucets can make a big difference, giving your space a refreshing reboot for Spring and Summer. And, while maybe less “fun” (well, we think it’s fun), a new toilet, or toilet service, for more efficiency, and fewer mood-busting mishaps, can transform a plain old John, into a commode!

Now, let us sing the praises of the kitchen! No matter who identifies as “the cook”, the kitchen is the place to interact after a long day, to eat-to-live and live-to-eat, whether it’s gourmet or PB&J. And there are so many moving parts, a good many of them plumbed! Whether it’s a garbage disposal that’s not quite pulverizing, a clogged hopper, kitchen sink, or dishwasher that has seen better days, the components of kitchen plumbing are various. Maybe it’s time for a new refrigerator, or additional sink, gas range, or island. And again, a faucet change, with such a wide range of modern options available, can uplift the space just enough to spruce the spirit.

If you have the space and inclination, an outdoor kitchen can really elevate the warmer weather months to legends-of-leisure status. Particularly with outdoor gatherings being more popular than ever, an al-fresco place to cook and entertain is as practical as it is luxurious!

We think mom will love these ideas. We also offer:

  • Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Repair and Diagnostic Services
  • Water Heater Service and Replacement
  • And all residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services

Honor the woman who helps your household flow, with a service from Ohmstead Plumbing.

Just don’t forget the flowers…

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Honor The Woman Who Helps Your Household Flow!