Stimulating Ideas for your Stimulus.

Hi, Forest City! Stimulus. It’s a stimulating word. At Ohmstead Plumbing, you know we’re stimulated by all things plumbing. We specialize in everything from minor repairs, to bathroom and kitchen makeovers (as well as those plumbing emergencies that arise when you least expect them.) And as far as our blogs go, we like to say, “if water runs through it, we write about it!” We know that the subject of plumbing doesn’t necessarily stimulate others the way it does us, but if you were one of the fortunate recipients of the recent stimulus check, and are pondering smart ways to invest in the value of your home, we’d like to offer some stimulating ways to do just that by investing in some plumbing-related aspects of your home!

While it may be tempting to spend that small windfall on something more traditionally “glamorous”, like a new pair of Cole Haans, a massage, or a fabulous new do, you shouldn’t have to put up with a slow toilet, clogged drain or leaking pipes. Letting those things “go” can be detrimental over time, and more costly in the long run. Allow the friendly specialists at Ohmstead to take care of those pesky problems. Doing so will ultimately give you more spending money for the “fun” stuff, and with our affordable prices, you may even have some money left over for the shoes and the do! (and of course, peace of mind is priceless!)

Our basic home plumbing services include:

  • Toilet Repair and Installation
  • Faucet Repair and Installation
  • Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Gas Line Installations to Pool Heaters
  • Repair and Diagnostic Services
  • Sump Pump Installations
  • Water Heater Service and Replacement
  • Water Main Repair and Installation

If you have a compromised sewer line, you know all too well it can be a messy, and unpleasant affair. If your yard is flooded, and you notice a foul-smell, it’s almost sure to be the result of a broken sewer pipe. Our team is intimately familiar with the common causes of a damaged sewer line. We’ll use a video camera to enter the sewer line, diagnose the problem and can get to work on fixing that on the double.

Perhaps you suspect the early ravages of a drain line leak or break inside your home. If you hear the sound of rushing water, see evidence of pooling water, or notice a decrease in water pressure, the next problem will be mold, which is never glamorous. We’re ready to stop that problem before it starts (or continues to get worse.)

Maybe your plumbing is all functioning smoothly (and we’d be honored to have been responsible for that) and you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with a new look! We believe you should feel like the King or Queen you are, whether it’s effortlessly rinsing your fine china, or indulging in a bathing ritual fit for a royal. Our team can help you realize the water-driven designs of your wildest dreams (inside and out!) Now, that’s stimulating!

So, if you’re in Forest City, Rutherford, Cleveland, and Polk Counties, get that return on investment you know you’ve earned by calling Ohmsead Plumbing today at: (828)245-7302, or visit us to get inspired, and stimulated! Ohmstead Plumbing Co. LLC has provided residential plumbing services to our local community since 1973. We look forward to contributing to the health and wellness of your home, and the people (and pets) who live there!

Reinvest in Your Home With Ohmstead Plumbing.