Though plumbers and plumbing contractors share many of the same abilities and experiences, there is a difference between the two. Ohmstead Plumbing takes a look at the distinction and provides advice for which one to hire. 

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Plumbers are typically the first line of defense for homeowners with a plumbing emergency. Plumbers handle everything from burst pipes and leaky faucets to overflowing toilets–essentially, every minor repair related to the plumbing system. Plumbers are also adept at the installation of common plumbing fixtures like faucets, bathtubs, and food disposal units. 


Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing contractors are not only proficient with all of the standard plumbing tasks, but they’re also trained to address more complex tasks. For example, a plumbing contractor would be right at home working to build the waste disposal system in a new house, installing gas connections and flues, or even working on water heaters–including gas, electric, and tankless-style products. Plumbing contractors also oversee a variety of plumbing installation projects, such as gas control valves, backflow prevention, water conditioning, and softening equipment–any device or appliance that might be connected to your home’s water system. 


Plumbing contractors can also partake in the maintenance and repair of any aspect of a home’s water supply. Moreover, plumbing contractors may also be called in as consultants during a home’s planning stages–for example, ensuring that all new construction or repairs to an existing structure comply with local, state, and federal building codes. Additionally, plumbing contractors involved with commercial plumbing are also authorized to certify that a building’s plumbing and fixtures comply with all the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA compliant). Last but not least, during the construction of a new building the final inspection of the plumbing work is usually completed by a plumbing contractor.


Which One Should You Hire?

For basic plumbing needs, every Charlotte homeowner should have a plumber like Ohmstead Plumbing who they can turn to. Oftentimes, the opportunity to hire a professional plumber may come via a referral from friends or neighbors. Local home supply stores, as well as big-box stores like Home Depot, will often refer plumbers to their customers as well. In all cases, make sure to speak directly with the plumber so you can evaluate his experience and whether or not he is licensed, bonded, and insured. Finding a plumbing contractor is similar to finding a plumber, though you may need to do some extra research to find the right specialist for the job. Not surprisingly, referrals from other homeowners who have used a good plumbing contractor are often the best route to pursue. Specific to new home construction, general contractors and builders will often recommend a plumbing contractor that they’re familiar with and have worked well with in the past.

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Plumber Vs. Plumbing Contractors in Forest City