Ohmstead Plumbing’s Water-Based Playlist

It’s us again! Ohmstead Plumbing, your preferred plumbing experts in the Forest City, NC area. As you likely know, “if water runs through it, we do it!” That includes drain cleaning, video inspection, water heaters, water treatment, well pumps, garden irrigation, and the list goes on! But, in this episode, we’d like to kick back, relax a little, and talk about wet, white-hot Summer playlists, especially with all the wet Summer rainstorms. But, rain or shine, you won’t find any millennial anthems or bangers here, though we love those, too. These are the songs that make you want to doze on your lazy river raft (don’t forget sunscreen). Let’s call it, music, with water running through it. If the weather is dry, enjoy these songs under the stars, or in the middle of the day, with a tumbler of your favorite refreshment, in the company of someone whose company you enjoy, or at family cul-de-sac pool party! Bring that speaker around your pool or hot tub. Here are a few tunes to celebrate water this Summer.

“Blue Bayou”- Linda Ronstadt
The sweet, rich, soaring vocals of Ms. Ronstadt are unparalleled. We love how this classic up-beat ballad starts slow and crescendos into a swelling wave of emotion. Perfect for those “reclining on a pool chair with a straw hat over your face” moments. Except, you’ll be forced to at least try to hit that last note. “On Blueeeee Bay-ooooooh”, you know the one.

“Under The Boardwalk”- The Drifters
Another “chill” Summer anthem that makes you think of teenage days at the beach looking for refreshing romance and a cool crisp tide. Another fun song to sing along to, and perfect for all ages, The Drifters honey-hued voices, and harmonies will take your party to a super cool seaside place, or, under it!

“Waterfalls”- TLC
We love to chase our waterfalls here in NC but we love this song anyway. TLC’s classic jam is another great sing-along, keeping the music mellow, accessible, and hip-swinging. A gentle, nostalgic ride in these lazy hazy crazy days of summer.

“Up On Cripple Creek”- The Band
Swing along with the groovy jam by The Band, that makes ya feel like you’re drifting on a raft through 1970’s sunbeams.

“Sea of Love” Phil Phillips/The Honeydrippers
One of the most transportive love songs, originally made by crooner Phil Phillips, and remade in the 1980’s by the Honeydrippers, this song is the equivalent of inviting Cupid himself to the party.

“Rain Is A Good Thing”- Luke Bryan
A great reminder of why rain is, well, a good thing! We’re so lucky in our neck of the woods to have gorgeous greenery, cascades and waterfalls. Let’s hear it for the rain!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to dance in the rain once in awhile!

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Mellow Music for those Wet, August Summer Days: