At Ohmstead Plumbing, we know just how easy it can be to accidentally damage the plumbing in your home. Drains are especially susceptible, and there are more than a few ways that homeowners can cause a clog. Follow our expert advice to avoid some of the most common items that create drain issues.

Trash in the Sink

Sometimes you put things in your sink that don’t belong, and they eventually end up in your drain. Old food particles or even waste like napkins that are left on plates that make their way to the sink can all end up in your drain, causing clogs or damage. Make sure you clean off dishes thoroughly, even if you have a garbage disposal, because some forms of waste simply weren’t meant to go down the drain.


One of the worst things you could put down your drain is grease. Whether it’s from bacon or you’re draining ground meat for taco night, there’s never a good reason to put that grease in your kitchen sink. Grease can cause persistent clogs and, eventually, some potentially extensive damage too. This same rule goes for cooking oil as well. If you have any left over, dispose of it properly instead of dumping it in your sink. Your drain, and wallet, will thank you later.

Harsh Drain Cleaners

When you do end up with a persistent clog, the first instinct might be to unclog it yourself. There’s no need to call a drain plumber if you can just pick up a potent drain cleaner, right? Unfortunately, that’s incorrect. A harsh drain cleaner can actually cause more problems. This is because many cleaners are made with chemicals that can actually damage your drain. You might be able to clear a clog, but the damage to your pipes can end up being a bigger issue. Things can get even worse if the drain cleaner doesn’t actually clear the clog right away. Then those chemicals are just sitting there, eating away at your plumbing. Next time you encounter a tough clog, call one of our plumbers and don’t risk damage to your drain and pipes.

Wet Wipes

In recent years more people have started using wet wipes instead of or in addition to traditional toilet paper. While we understand the appeal, many of these wipes are not actually flushable. Instead they can end up causing big clogs and extensive damage. Throw them out or skip them entirely, even if the package they come in says that they can be flushed.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is designed to absorb moisture, so you should never flush it down the toilet to get rid of it. The litter will absorb water and just end up causing a clog that could damage your drain and the rest of your plumbing. Throw it in the garbage instead.

Your Emergency Plumber in Forest City, NC

Instead of trying to solve common plumbing problems all by yourself, contact your local plumber online or call (828) 245-7302. At Ohmstead Plumbing we have the skills and experience needed to handle any drain issues that you encounter. We look forward to assisting you!

5 Ways That You’re Damaging Your Drain